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Tips On How To Save Electricity In Your Home

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Get Ready To Save Money On Electricity Bill

If you have always been thinking of more effective ways to heat up your home, your rooms, your kitchen, your garage, your swimming pool with all types of electric heaters, you may want to stop for a moment. Yes we seem to be over anxious in warming ourselves buying new electric heaters for home, but perhaps it is a good time as any to think of how to save electricity in your home and thereby saving yourself some money while you're at it.

Many of us are guilty of using electric heaters excessively and choose to ignore whatever simple ways there are to conserve some heat energy. That may well help not only save the environment but our pocket too as the costs of energy have risen so much lately. So here are some handy tips for reducing energy usage unnecessarily in your home.

In the Kitchen:

• Use a kettle to boil water for cooking as it is quicker and uses less energy than a pot on the hob.
• Always match the size of the pan with the size of the stove plate.
• Use a microwave to cook as it is quicker and cheaper, 1 oven uses the same power as 18 microwaves.
• Only fill kettle with the amount of water that you need.
• Cut food into smaller sections before cooking to help it cook quicker.
• Make your toast in a toaster, not under the grill.
• Don’t keep opening the oven door while you are cooking.
• Always put a full load of washing in the washing machine and if the weather is good dry the clothes on the line outside. 
• If you have a stove with heavy solid plates that retain heat, switch off the plate a few minutes before removing the pot.
• When you open your fridge door for more than a moment, it loses cold air. Cooling it down again will take a lot of electricity. So be quick and don’t let all that cold air out.
• Do not place hot food in the refrigerator or the deep freeze, rather allow it to cool outside first.
• Ensure that the door seals are in good condition and don’t put the refrigerator near the oven.
• Every time you switch on your dishwasher, it’s the same as switching on 120 CFL energy-saving light bulbs. Wait until the dishwasher is full before you switch it on. Use the economy programme wherever possible.
• Clothes should never be placed in the tumble dryer while they are still dripping with water, so be sure to remove excess water.


• In most homes, lighting accounts for around 17% - 20% of the electricity bill. A considerable amount of electricity can be saved by replacing your conventional tungsten bulbs with compact-florescent lamps (CFLs). They are more expensive, but CFLs last 8 times longer.
• Turn off the lights that you don’t need on and use lighter lampshades as they wil make the most of the energy.
• Fit lower wattage bulbs wherever possible and avoid leaving spot lights on for too long, as they use more electricity.

In the Lounge:

• Switch the TV off when not in use, leaving it on standby mode uses up to 50% of the power the TV would use if it was actually on, the same goes for the Hi-Fi’s and computers.
• Rather use a gas heater or a temperature-controlled oil heater for space heating and switch of the heater if you leave the room.
• Curtains help to retain the heat, so draw them early in the evening.

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I like to think that many of us can do these simple things that have been proven how to save electricity in the home. This is especially so during the long winter season where the winter electricity bills can be quite substantial. In fact many the governments of many countries have always made regular calls to consumers to use electric heaters that are controlled by thermostats. They also recommended their residents to switch on electric blankets an hour before their bed time and to heat up bedrooms that are being used. If everybody does his or her small part, this could well mean a big reduction of the family heating costs and at the same time doing our part to save the environment. Yes get started today to learn how to save electricity in your home.

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