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Electric Tankless Water Heaters

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Although there are many types of electric heaters that you can choose from, electric tankless water heaters have become one of the most popular home heaters. Most people buy them to replace the conventional hot water tank heaters and for good reasons too as we will discuss in this article. Some of the reasons include easy installation, reliability and very affordable which can be important if you are relatively young and just started your career.

What Are Electric Tankless Water Heaters?

Essentially it is an electric water heater that heats up water after it passes through its heat exchanger, which plays a significant role of the electric heater. When you turn on the shower tap, the water is immediately heated up because it uses a sensor to start heating the water. Then upon closing the tap or faucet, the heater supply stops working. It's that efficient.

Why Electric Tankless Water Heaters Are Different from Convention Gas Heaters

What is so different about these electric tankless water heaters compared with other types of water heaters is that heaters with water tanks tend to lose heat after some time, no matter how well insulated they are. Such loss of heat makes it necessary to burn more energy to keep the heat which just simply means spending more on your gas utility bill. The reason is that such heaters have to be heated to a much higher temperature to make up for such heat losses or sometimes called "stand-by-loss". So the biggest difference between these 2 types of home heaters is that in Electric Tankless Water Heaters, they don't suffer any such heat losses, making them more efficient and less costly to maintain. Energy is used only when it is required like during your bath.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters-The Benefits

1. Lower energy costs due to the fact that there is no water heater tank required to be heated up during use. This alone can save you about 50 % of your monthly electric bill.

2. You do not need much space to install your electric heater since these tankless electric water heaters can be quite easily installed on the wall exterior. 3. Electric tankless water heaters usually lasts longer compared with the conventional home heater. In fact the lifespan is close to 15 years or at least that is what they have been built to last this long as you replace any parts that have become either faulty or worn out over time. Over the years one of the first heater parts that may require change is the heat exchanger.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters-Things To Take Note

1. Check that your home power supply is able to handle the electricity load that is required to run the electric heater because some heaters used a lot of power to run.

2. For the electric heater to run more efficiently, these tankless water heaters should best be installed close to where the hot water is required. Do ensure that you either check your user manual for such help or get advice from the electric heater vendor before installation begins. This distance will naturally affect the performance of your electric tankless water heaters.


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