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Electric Floor Heating-Spoil Yourself With Heating Your Bathroom This Winter

While there are obvious advantages of installing underfloor heating system in the home more people are now installing them in bathrooms than in any other spaces.That's because the bathroom for many beautiful homes can allow you to enjoy the luxury of warm floors when the cold winter season starts. Some even say it helps increase the value of their property resale price.


There are two common types of systems for heating your bathroom floor – Devimat in glue or tile bed, or In-Screed heating cable.
Both of these systems are ‘time in use systems’, meaning they only need to run when needed. This ensures high energy efficiency and lower heating bills. Consider pairing this system with a programmable thermostat which will allow you the flexibility to schedule when you would like the floors to warm up or cool down.
The Devimat System is an element pre-attached to an adhesive fibre glass mesh backing made in a pre-determined size. 
cheap underfloor heatingThe In-Screed System uses heating cable that comes in pre-determined lengths to fit into a specific area. It is attached to mesh to be evenly spaced across the floor. Warm-up times can take slightly longer than the Devimat, however, the screed is able to retain heat for a longer time.
Additionally, Devex Systems offers the DEVI Devimat Mirror Heater, so say goodbye to foggy mirrors and the need to wipe it to see yourself.
The mirror heater is installed on the wall behind the mirror and is usually controlled by a power, light, or fan switch.
Mirror heaters are easy to install and running costs are low. They come in three sizes which can be adjusted to suit various shapes, and come with a 10 year warranty. 
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Affordable luxury heating for your bathroom!

"Electric floor heating is a simple and cost-effective solution to heating small applications like bathrooms and ensuites. There are two common types of systems for heating your bathroom floor – Devimat in glue or tile bed, or In-Screed heating cable."

Many underfloor electric heating system comes with controls to allow you to pre-programme it to turn it on beforehand. This feature should come in handy for bathrooms so that your feet feel the warmth of the floor tiles when you step into your bathroom.


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