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Electric floor heaters are getting very popular among many household and even offices or in industrial work premises. They are perfect heating solutions to combat the chilling winter season and allow residents and your industrial workers.....

Electric floor heaters are getting very popular among many people who have been accustomed to using the best electric heaters for home. These heated floor systems can also be found in both offices and in industrial work premises and offer the perfect heating solutions to combat the chilling winter season and allow residents and industrial workers to continue living and working in a warm conducive environment. Many of these cheap underfloor heating systems come in both line and low voltage type of systems.

Low voltage electric floor heating system

These radiant floor heating systems are quite ideal for anyone preferring low-voltage floor heaters because they are suitable for any kind of floor surfaces. The good thing about these heated floors is that their heating element is very thin, self-regulating and very easy to install on your floor.

What is self-regulating electric floor heaters

What is meant by self-regulating is that the temperature controls are automatically regulated as required and pretty much caters to the individual needs or the ambience of the surrounding. So when the ambient temperature rises, you can expect the electrical resistance to be increased and that also helps in getting you the most optimum electricity consumption for your household. This also helps in the safety aspect of the electric floor heaters which is very important.

What are the Benefits of Electric Floor Heaters or Heated Floors

These floor heating systems are designed to be very thin with very durable and flexible polymer material as its heating element and so they can provide radiant floor heat to any type of floor surfaces. Although the most popular width size chosen by most people are the rolls of 9 and 12 inches, you can ask for any desired length size that can fit your whole floor space.

Electric Floor Heating System Can Save Your Electricity Bill

Electric radiant floor heating or sometimes called under tile floor heating system is a very good way to have warm tiles and it’s a lot more efficient that using many other electric floor heating systems. One of the greatest misconceptions is that having electric heated floors means an increased electricity bill. This is not true because they are quite unlike forced air systems and therefore do not waste energy to force through the ducts or by heating up the ceiling to generate heat. In fact when you used electric floor heaters, they come with a thermostat which allows you to set a desired and lower temperature thereby managing your energy consumption.

The most common type of floor heating systems is the electric floor heaters which use the concept of insulated wires, woven over an insulated mat to form a wire mesh. The heating system uses electricity to heat up these wires and in so doing produces the radiant floor heat. The heating mats are then placed below the floor together with insulated boards to retain the heat from the heated wires

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