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Efficient Electric Heaters Save Heating Costs

This section of my electric heaters website focuses on some useful information on energy efficient electric heaters and for those who want to save energy but don't know specifically where to start. It will include exclusively home electric heaters where we could get most of the energy savings from. When we say some electric heaters are energy efficient heaters, this means that it takes lesser power to operate this electric heater compared with another.

Why We Should Save Energy

Well the best reason why we should save energy is that it helps lower our energy consumption which translates into lower energy costs for our home. Besides, learning all about which are the efficient electric heaters will give you better energy usage and goes a little more than just saving you money. You are doing your part to save the world from the harmful effects of global warming.

These are electric heaters energy efficient:

Heat Pumps

Forced-air heat pumps are the most energy efficient electric heaters energy efficient electric heaters. These systems use about 50 percent less power than any other type of resistance heating unit to produce heat for the home.

Electric Panel Heaters

Electric panel heaters are mounted on a wall near an outlet to heat individual rooms. They use less electrical power than other space heaters, requiring only 160 watts to operate.

Radiative Heaters

When you are trying to heat a small, inadequately insulated space, radiative heaters might be the least expensive option. These heaters do not send out heat to warm the air in the room, but instead use a heated element and reflective plate to direct infrared radiation into the room.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are convection heaters with a ceramic insulated heating element. These units use minimal electric power to warm a larger ceramic core, which stores the heat and transfers it to aluminum plates. A fan then blows the heat from the metal plates into the room.

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Some Easy Tips To Save Energy:

Whether it's winter or summer time you should try to pull down the shades on your windows. During the warm summer these shades help to block the sun’s heat coming into the house. When it's winter however, these same shades help you block out the drafts and the cold temperatures. Another good tip is to have all your old windows replaced with newer models with energy efficiency features.

Also don't forget to unplug any of your electric heaters that you are not using. Yes even if it is an efficient electric heater.Similarly any electrical appliances that are rechargeable portable heaters should best be unplugged after they have been completely charged. This is probably the easiest save energy tip most people failed to do. If you make a conscious effort to save energy, then by operating your energy efficient electric space heaters, will see even more savings in your monthly electric bill.

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